‘Outside The Box’ – new episode

I am proud to announce that the first episode of TOB’s ‘Outside The Box’ podcast is now available! The video footage of the Zoom call can be found on our official YouTube account and you can listen to the audio on usual podcast platforms such as Spotify as well as Deezer, Podchaser, Spreaker and Podcast Addict. I am still awaiting approval from Apple Podcasts but I’m hoping we should be live on there shortly.

The first episode features David Astill, an analytical football writer for ‘Total Football Analysis’. David, who has recently become Site Lead for sister site ‘Total Rugby Analysis’ was a brilliant first guest, very articulate, easy to speak to and had brilliant insight into the world of football stats and analysis.

Make sure to subscribe to our channels! Hit the notification bell on YouTube so you never miss a new podcast when one is up!

PS: I said the podcast would be weekly on the show but it’s actually monthly. As you can tell, I am still a little rusty as I’ve not podcasted since March and had never actually used Zoom before this!

Thank you to everybody for your support! Make sure you pop your email address at the bottom of this site’s homepage to get emailed whenever we put up new articles!

Thank you,

George Hartley – Founder of TOB Football


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